The Zurich Easy Access Bond

An Alternative to Bank Deposit Accounts

Zurich Easy Access Bond

Best Bank Deposit Rates are as follows

  • 1.05%, instant demand account, less 41% DIRT;
  • 1.15%, 12 month fixed account, less 41% DIRT. (as at 16th Nov 2015)

Most Popular Zurich Funds Performance over last 12 months

  • Prisma 2 Multi Asset Fund 2.69%
  • Prisma 3 Multi Asset Fund 7.55%
  • Prisma 4 Multi Asset Fund 16.58%
  • Prisma 5 Multi Asset Fund 24.72%
  • Prisma 6 Multi Asset Fund 25.95%
  • Cautiously Managed Fund 10.40%
  • Balanced 16.29%

Zurich Low Risk Super Capp fund Versus Bank Deposits

Zurich , SuperCapp fund has delivered an average return of 4% per annum over last 10 years or 2.4% per annum after inflation.

100% access to any part of your savings at any time

  • No Early Exit Fees
  • Tax Free growth until draw down
  • 59 investment options to choose from
  • Low risk options available
  • Min investment €5000
  • Available for personal or company investment

Zurich Easy Access Investment Bond offers the following:

  • Minimum investment €5000 Maximum €50,000 per named investor
  • Tax Free investment Growth until draw down (DIRT of 41% paid each year on your deposits)
  • Access to any part of your savings without any penalty applying
  • Access to all of Zurich investment funds including their SuperCAPP Fund and 5 Risk Rated Multi Asset funds
  • 54 out of 59 Zurich funds have delivered positive returns in 2014
  • On line access to check the value of your investment
  • Zurich SuperCAPP fund , No investor has ever lost a penny or cent in 36 years

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Zurich Easy Access Fund Brochure

The main problems with money on deposit with Banks

  1. Interest rates on offer from the banks is at an all time low
  2. DIRT Rates are at a all time high at 41% and DIRT is applicable every year unlike with life assurance saving funds where DIRT tax is only paid when you exit or draw down.

Zurich SuperCapp fund Versus Bank Deposit Account

The Zurich SuperCapp would offer a far better return than any Bank deposit account for the follows reason

  1. SuperCapp funds pays out a dividend each year to investors, current dividend is 2%
    This dividend is paid tax free each year with no DIRT tax payable until drawdown
  2. SuperCapp pays out a special dividend to investors after 5 years depending on the performance of the fund over the 5 years
  3. No Investor has ever lost a penny or a cent
  4. The fund has beaten inflation in every one of its 36 years

SuperCAPP fund has always delivered consistent positive stress free returns for customers

The SuperCAPP fund is only one fund available from Zurich. They offer a wide range of funds and in particular they offer 5 Multi Asset funds to suit your particular requirement. We would recommend the SuperCAPP fund to investors who wanted a low risk investment strategy and wanted to get a better return than currently on deposit with the banks.

This new saving plan from Zurich is a very exciting development for investors. With so much money sitting in deposit accounts and not earning any significant return and unlikely to do so for a number of years this saving plan offers better returns with no DIRT payable until draw down. Cregan Kelly O’Brien Financial Planning is an independent firm of Financial Brokers regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

What is the next step ?

If you are interested in trying to set a better return than you are currently getting on deposit then we will arrange to meet you.

Our Investment approach

With each client we will access your risk profile based your own particular attitude to risk. Based on this we will be able to recommend an investment approach tailored to your risk profile.

Tax Free Investment growth in life assurance funds until you decide to draw down on your savings  , DIRT Tax applied each year at 41%  to your savings on deposit with the banks

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