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Savings and Investments

Savings & Investments

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Pay no DIRT Tax on your savings for 8 years

Tax free growth on your savings for up to 8 years

Pay no DIRT for up to 8 years

The Tax advantage of saving in a Life Assurance fund

  1. You pay no DIRT for up to 8 years in life assurance saving fund , your money grows tax free for 8 years, you pay DIRT tax each year on your savings in a bank/building society
  2. Only pay the DIRT rate that is applicable at the time you decide to draw down, hopefully this will reduce in the coming years

If you invest some of your savings into a savings plan with a Life Assurance company your money will gross tax free for up to 8 years, that is ,you pay no DIRT for this period. If you save in a life assurance savings fund for 8 years you will then pay the relevant DIRT Tax rate that is applicable at that time and only on the investment growth portion . The DIRT rate should reduce over time and if so you will pay the reduced rate. So not only does your money grow tax free but the DIRT tax that you have to pay will hopefully have reduced.

DIRT rates are currently 41% and you pay this each year on the interest you get from your bank and building society.

The effect of tax free growth along with hopefully a reduced DIRT tax rate when you decide to draw down on your savings will make a significant difference to your savings .

Now is the time to look at alternative options for your savings

With Deposit interest rates at an all time low and DIRT Tax at 41% now is the time to look at alternative saving options. If you are a low risk investor we have a range of low risk investment options that will outperform deposit rates that the banks are currently offering.

Contact us to discuss these options in more detail, these options are available for both personal investors and business owners that have built up money in their business account.

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We have a range of savings options that will suit the low risk investor and at the same time reduce the level of DIRT that you have to pay on your savings and also give you better returns on your savings

With Deposit Interest rates at an all time low and DIRT tax now at 41% on your savings now is the time to look at some alternative savings and investments options.

We at Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning have over 20 years experience in investing and managing our clients savings.

Our job is to help you grow and protect your savings in line with your own risk appetite.

We offer our clients a high value investment advice service and we pride ourselves on the quality and independence of our advice.

We have a proven track record in delivering strong investment returns for our clients

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We came across Cregan Kelly O'Brien through a search on the internet. We wanted advice on investments and we needed independent advice. We dealt with Colm Kelly and I found his advice and professionalism second to none.We are extremely happy with our dealings to date and we would recommend anyone who needs investment advice to talk to them.
Peter & Mary Kelly, Swords, Co. Dublin.
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Savings and Investment Advice

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Our Savings and Investments Advice Process

Our advice process starts with you whereby we get an understanding of your current financial and savings position and we an idea of what your particular saving and investment objectives.
We then get an idea of your own risk appetite and this helps us to match our investment recommendation to your particular attitude to risk.
Based on this we carry our research and come back to you with a report with our findings and recommendations.
Provide ongoing feedback and updates to ensure that your investment is achieving its objectives.

Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling and Risk Appetite

Once we know your risk profile we will build an Investment Strategy specifically for you.

Saving & Investment Options

  • 1/ Monthly only
  • 2/ Monthly and Lump Sum Investment
  • 3/ Lump Sum Only

Main Asset Classes

  • Cash
  • Government and Corporate Bonds
  • Property
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Currency

Whether investing for income or growth, Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning have the knowledge and experience in providing advice on the products and schemes available that will meet your requirements.

The main reasons for investing money are to supplement pension income in retirement, funding for education, paying off a mortgage early or to provide for dependents. Whatever the reason, Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning will be able to advise you in all of these areas.

Everyone benefits from saving!

Saving even small amounts regularly will help you to:

  • manage your money and cope with unexpected expenses and emergencies
  • afford things you need in the future
  • borrow less
  • ease financial stress

How do I start my savings plan?

The best way to work out a savings plan is to:

1. Decide your savings goals
  • You need to decide what you want to save for. Usually, most of us have a mix of short, medium and long-term goals when it comes to saving.
  • Before you decide the best way to save for what you want, you need to think about the level of risk you are willing to take.
2. Think about your attitude to risk.

There are three main types of risk to consider when saving or investing

  • inflation risk
  • return risk
  • capital risk

Inflation risk is the risk that your money will lose value over time. Its buying power will go down as prices go up. Even a modest inflation rate of 3% means that €100 will be worth only €97 after one year. Even a low level of return, such as on a savings account, helps your money to hold its value. Ideally you need to earn more than the inflation rate to get a real return on your money.

Return risk is the risk that your money will not grow as much as you expected. Some savings products give you a fixed return, others do not. Investments linked to the stock market promise a higher return than savings accounts, but the return you get is difficult to predict and can rise and fall from year to year.

Capital risk is the risk that you could lose some of your original investment (capital). You may ask yourself why take this risk? The answer is, generally you have to risk some of your money to get higher returns. If you don't want to risk losing money, you will usually have to settle for lower returns based on deposit-type accounts or products which can guarantee your original investment.

We always complete an Attitude to Risk Questionnaire which will assess your attitude to risk and help us advise you accordingly on the investment most suitable to you.

3. Consider how you will save.

When deciding how to save, you need to balance your need for higher returns with your need to keep your money safe.

These needs can change over your lifetime and also depend on your different goals. For example if you are young but looking to save for retirement, you may be prepared to take higher risks to get higher returns. And you must be willing to tie up your money for longer. You know that your investment will have enough time to recover from any short-term fall in value. Later on when you are getting nearer retirement, you won't want to risk the money you have been saving over a long time. So, how you save really depends on your needs and circumstances.

Some of the main options we will consider for you based on your circumstances are:

  • Pension Plan
  • Short term deposit account/savings Plan
  • Medium - Long term investment plan

If you would like us to advise you on the options available to you based on your particular circumstances please contact us for a appointment at a time convenient for you.

We will complete a full financial fact find with you by gathering your personal information. In addition we will complete an Attitude to Risk Questionnaire. We will then be in a position to recommend options to you based on your specific personal circumstances.

We aim to provide clear concise advise tailored to your specific needs.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our financial advisors, please click here.

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In 2007 Maurice Cregan and Colm Kelly established CK Financial Services to provide independent financial planning and advice to business owners and individuals. Tommy O'Brien, a General Insurance expert, then joined them in 2010, enabling them to meet the full financial needs of their clients. Financial Life & Planning Limited would deliver Financial Services, and O'Brien Cregan Kelly Insurances would deliver Insurance Broking services. Two Business Names were registered Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning and Cregan Kelly O'Brien Insurances

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