Life Insurance for Diabetics

Does Having Diabetes Mean I Can't Get Life Insurance?

No, not at all. While diabetes is a serious condition, there is no reason why someone who has diabetes that is well managed should not be able to get a life insurance policy. You may have to undergo a medical, provide details of your treatment and condition through your GP or specialist consultant, and you may end up paying slightly more in premiums, but the cover is available.

We are here to help you get the best life assurance quotation on the market , we will arrange the life cover suitable to your particular requirements and budget, we promise it wont cost the earth.

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The sooner you put life cover in place, the less it costs in the long term

The costs of life cover increase over time and with your age, and thats particularly true for people with medical conditions, so acting now will save you significant sums over the period of the policy.

We'll get you the BEST LIFE COVER at the BEST PRICE

We search the whole market to get you the best price
We provide a dedicated and experienced advisor to deal with your application
We'll review your particular circumstances and calculate the level of cover that you require
We provide ongoing updates during the application process
We'll Process your application as quickly as possible to ensure your get covered

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Contact 01 8700370 and talk to one of our advisors who will take you through the process of applying for cover.

What's the process?

  1. We will discuss with you the level of cover you require and how long your require cover for , life cover can be arranged for the rest of your life if needed.
  2. Discuss in detail your particular diabetes condition , how long you are a diabetic , details of all blood sugar tests , how you are controlling and monitoring your condition and any other related health issues
  3. If you wish to apply for cover we will require you to complete an application form which will include details of your medical history.
  4. We process your application with a number of different life insurers to ensure you get the best quotation on the market and contact you if further information is required
  5. Once you are accepted we have one more meeting or consultation to discuss vation you discuss

What determines the cost of life cover for diabetics?

  1. Level of cover you require
  2. Your age and if you are a smoker or non smoker
  3. The extent of your diabetes condition and how you are monitoring it
  4. Other health issues

Cregan Kelly O'Brien have over 20 years experience in dealing with and arranging life insurance for Diabetes.

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Open QuoteWhen I went looking for Life Insurance I thought it would be no big deal....I'd ring round and boom be insured. That wasn't the case. The fact I had diabetes meant it was going to be a lot tougher than I thought. As a Husband and a Father of two rapidly growing children I was beginning to panic, we all hear the horror stories of someone suddenly becoming ill or worse.  I wanted needed some form of protection, fallback for my family,should something happen to me. None of us like to think that way but the truth is we have to. I was lucky enough to have been but in contact with CKOB by a friend and told them what I needed. It wasn't the easiest task that I set them but happily they came up trumps for me. I would highly recommend their services.Close Quote

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