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Develop a financial plan

The first step is to develop a plan,  what's your current retirement fund worth?, when you want to retire?,what's the lifestyle you want in retirement?, and of course how old you are. The difference between your current fund value, and the fund value you need forms the objectives for the action plan we need to put in place. Its also important to put in a plan which is sustainable - you need to live and enjoy life in the period between now and your retirement. Our unique "Ontrack" Process will make sure that all the questions have been asked, answered, solutions researched, implemented, and reviewed.

Retirement planning involves much more than finances - when you will retire, where you will live, and what you will do - most of these factors depend largely on the income you can expect in retirement. The more you learn about and understand the various investment options, the better equipped you will  be to make effective decisions.T

The earlier you start saving for retirement - the longer your money can work for you, and the more money you might be able to save for the future. Younger people are able to take on more risk: they have more years to recover from any losses. Older people, on the other hand, tend to be more conservative in their investments.  Since older investors tend to limit risk, the investments frequently have lower earnings potential. Starting early is one of the best ways to ensure you will have enough money to live comfortably during retirement. That said, it is "never too late" to start saving for retirement, and every little bit helps.

Review the Performance of your Retirement Fund

It's not all about putting additional money in your fund, you need to regularly benchmark the performance of your fund vs the available alternatives, and examine the fees being charged. The performance and fees can make a significant difference to your final fund value. It's also important that the fund managers changes the asset allocation as you near retirement or how you apportion the various investments in your portfolio - is viewed by many as more important than the actual securities chosen for the portfolio. The three main asset classes include stocks (equities), bonds (fixed income), and cash and cash equivalents, and each has different levels of risk and return. Finding the balance that is most appropriate for your situation takes time and effort - Cregan Kelly O'Brien can help with regular reviews of your fund.

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In 2007 Maurice Cregan and Colm Kelly established CK Financial Services to provide financial planning and advice to business owners and individuals. Tommy O'Brien, a General Insurance expert, then joined them in 2010, enabling them to meet the full financial needs of their clients. Financial Life & Planning Limited would deliver Financial Services, and O'Brien Cregan Kelly Insurances would deliver Insurance Broking services. Two Business Names were registered Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning and Cregan Kelly O'Brien Insurances

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