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Financial Planning

Financial Life & Planning Limited T/A Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning are responsible for handling all aspects of Financial Planning for individuals and business owners including advice on Pensions and Retirement planning , Saving and investments , Life and Serious Illness cover and Income Protection cover and business protection  offered on this website. Financial Life & Planning Limited are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Commercial Insurance

O'Brien Cregan Kelly Limited T/A Cregan Kelly O'Brien Insurances are responsible for handling  aspects of Business and Commercial insurances, including Public and Employers Liability and personal cover for business owners  offered on this website. O'Brien Cregan Kelly Limited are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

EFW 21 Fund - Investment Opportunity

EFW Fund

Investment Term 3 ½ years 30% return for investments over €100,000 27% return for investments amounts under €100,000

Buy to Let Mortgages for the Professional or First Time Investor

Rates from 4.29% with 3 payment options & up to 35 year term

Mortgages Available to Buy Rental Properties with your Pension Fund

Tax Efficient Non Recourse Mortgages available with Great Rates

At Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning, we know how important it is for you to get the right financial solutions in place. To achieve this, we follow our OnTrack process. Following this rigorous financial planning approach enables us to help you get on the right path to financial security. This process helps us identify your goals and then put the right solutions in place to help you achieve them; Read more

At Cregan Kelly O'Brien Insurances, we understand what a complex and sometimes frustrating challenge it is to manage your insurances effectively. At the end of the day, you want to ensure you have the right cover in place, at the lowest possible cost and also want to be confident that if or when you do suffer a loss, that it will be sorted out for you quickly and without any fuss. Read more

Innovative Savings & Investments

We are currently recommending the two investment funds below, but there are many other options available if these do not meet your investment criteria.


Commercial Property Fund

  • Minimum investment €10,000;
  • No maximum investment limit;
  • No exit fees on first €200,000 invested;
  • Overall fund size (includes cash): €520.0m;
  • Property portfolio value: €436.9m;
  • Annual rental income: €24.4m;
  • Property Portfolio yield: 5.24%;
  • Vacancy rate: 5.68%;
  • WALT: 8 Years 3 Months;

Zurich Easy Access Bond

  • Min investment €5000 Max €150,000;
  • Tax Free investment Growth for up to 8 years;
  • Access to any part of your savings - no penalties;
  • Excellent investment performance of 5 Multi Asset funds in 2016;
  • Prisma 2 - 1.6%; Prisma 3 - 4.1%
  • Prisma 4 - 8.5%; Prisma 5 - 11.3%
  • Prisma 6 9.8%
  • On line access to check the value of your investment;
How Can We Help You?

At Cregan Kelly O'Brien, we understand that you face a wide range of financial challenges - running your business effectively, growing your wealth, protecting your family and managing your insurance needs. Our role is to help you make sense of these.

Cregan Kelly O'Brien provides expert financial, tax and insurance advice and solutions to business owners and private individuals in the following areas: Financial Planning, Future Cash Flow Planning, Wealth Management and Retirement Planning, Wealth transfer, Risk identification, Risk Management, Protection & Insurance, Cost Effective insurance solutions.

Cregan Kelly O'Brien provides insurance broking services, and pension schemes for businesses, business owners, and professionals.

  1. Financial Planning
  2. Future Cash Flow Planning
  3. Tax Planning
  4. Wealth Management & Retirement Planning
  5. Wealth Transfer
  6. Business Insurance Risk Management
  7. Family Protection & Personal Insurances
  8. Find Best Market Options Available

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Financial Advice

Financial Advice

Cregan Kelly O'Brien have over 50 years experience providing financial advice. We can provide advice on a fee basis or commission whichever you prefer. We employ qualified financial advisors, and tax consultants so we have the expertise to provide advice from many different perspectives if required. More About Financial Advice
Commercial Insurance Broking

Commercial Insurance Broking

We understand what a complex and sometimes frustrating challenge managing insurances can be. You want to ensure you have the right cover in place, at the lowest possible cost and be  confident that if or when you do suffer a loss, it will be sorted out quickly and without any fuss. More About Insurance Broking Services


Planning for your desired lifestyle in retirement is a significant challenge facing business owners and professionals today. You want to maximise the tax advantages and also your retirement benefits, all in a risk controlled manner. At Cregan Kelly O’Brien Financial Planning, this is what we do. More About Pensions

Income Protection

Income Protection

We don't usually think of our current income and future earnings as an asset. However, this is what pays for everything else - mortgage, bills, childrens' education, insurances and so on. If you no longer had this income, how would you pay for everything? This is where income protection comes in. It's more cost effective than you think, and provides you with an income if you are out of work because of an illness, injury, accident,  or disablement. More About Income Protection
Savings & Investments

Savings & Investments

The best bank deposit rates available are 1.7% Gross (May 2015). There are alternatives with a better return. Some products allow instant access, others rolling terms. e.g. The Standard Life GARS fund has a lowest return of 4.9% p.a, highest return of 13.5% p.a (June 2006-Jan 2015)*. The Zurich SuperCapp fund* has never lost a client a single cent, and provides instant access to your funds. More About Savings & Investments
Life Cover

Life Cover

Life Cover or Life Insurance, pays out a lump sum or a regular income on death and can offer a financial lifeline to grieving relatives. A policy could cover day-to-day expenses or even a specific commitment, such as school fees. There is more than one type of cover available, so it's important to talk to your broker about which type and options are best suited for your personal needs.  Read More about Life Cover
LIfe Cover for 0ver 50's

LIfe Cover for 0ver 50's

It's a fact that the cost of Life Insurance cover increases when you reach the age of 50, but it's still affordable, and surprisingly cost effective. We guarantee to arrange life cover for you. If cover is not available through the normal proposal route, then guaranteed life cover with no medical questions can be arranged, which will provide your family or estate a lump sum if you die. Terms & conditions obviously apply. Life Cover for Over 50's
Life Cover  for Diabetics

Life Cover for Diabetics

There is no reason why someone who has diabetes that is well managed should not be able to get a life insurance policy. You may have to undergo a medical, provide details of your treatment and condition through your GP or specialist consultant, and you may end up paying slightly more in premiums, but cover is available. The sooner you put life cover in place, the less it costs in the long term. More About Life Insurance for Diabetics

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Cregan Kelly O'Brien Overview

Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning offers a unique combination of experienced financial planning, insurance, accounting and tax specialists within the one firm. Almost always, key financial decisions regarding a business or family have implications across related areas, and these need to be fully understood before choosing the right option. Using our unique "On Track" approach, we work together to get to the heart of your financial challenges and devise solutions to suit your unique circumstances.
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++ The value of investments can fall as well as rise, past performance is no guarantee of future results

About Cregan Kelly O'Brien


In 2007 Maurice Cregan and Colm Kelly established CK Financial Services to provide independent financial planning and advice to business owners and individuals. Tommy O'Brien, a General Insurance expert, then joined them in 2010, enabling them to meet the full financial needs of their clients. Financial Life & Planning Limited would deliver Financial Services, and O'Brien Cregan Kelly Insurances would deliver Insurance Broking services. Two Business Names were registered Cregan Kelly O'Brien Financial Planning and Cregan Kelly O'Brien Insurances

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